"Crystals includes 6 instrumentals, attaching piano compositions to the flow of wobbly down beats and glitchy electro sounds. The levels of texturizing go from vintage video games to modern drum and bass. Similar to Ford & Lopatin , you can gather whiffs of your childhood through his playful meshes."



"His other endeavors feed into this project through the layered instrumentation mixed with bass and drums, all of which somehow play into grander sweeping movements. The diverse mix of sounds plays entirely too well in Wass’s compositions, offering a lot of replay potential. This album works half in how you wouldn’t expect it to; attempting to take samples and the aforementioned elements and somehow soundtrack a concept release tied around crystals sounds potentially messy. Yet, Wass makes it work seamlessly. "

-Playground Misnomer

"The MIDI synth choir from the digital-fictional Cathedral of Nisan from Xenogears gets sped up with 808 tricks, and plenty of drum beat twerks and kicks.  Here the church choral tones are adorned with accompanying synths deserved of an emcee's touch like an acryclic flow to an electronic canvas. Mitsuda's digital organ and faux choir are the central base where Wass builds a new song from the 32-bit soundscore to the point where the original sample dissappears all together to give you just under half a minute of his trunk rattling reworking. From the electronic gaming chamber music made with an urban spin, the argument for video game music contributing to the new ambient synthesis school can be heard and appreciated here in a new evolutionary form."

-Impose Magazine


"To show tribute to [video game composer Yasunori Mitsuda], composer Julian Wass gathered the best of hip-hop and electronic producers to put together a phenomenal album based on his work. For music lovers, you’ll find a unique style you may not have heard before. For gamers, you’ll find a great deal of nostalgia and perhaps a new perspective on some of the world’s most beloved RPGs"


"The combination of Wass and Main Attrakionz turns out to be an inspired pairing. Alongside a producer named L.W.H., Wass produced all of Chandelier, a new mixtape credited to Green Ova Undergrounds. Chandelier is a relatively short affair, nine tracks in half an hour. But it gives the two producers a chance to go fucking nuts, pulling sounds from whenever and wherever: chilly Terminator-soundtrack keyboards, broken piano lines, sighing organs, drum programming that seems to display a vaguely unearthly sense of time. It sounds like no other rap music I've ever heard, but it still sounds like rap music."